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31 Jan 2015
Summer camps in Canada
Likely to summer camp is always something to appear forward to. It's where we create childhood memories. Most of us remember the campfires, the ghost stories, the cabins, and the hikes. Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts alike stood a multitude of summer camps available, but there are several that we probably never heard of. Kids with special interests can discover a place just for them. Whether you dream of being a Hollywood stuntman or wish to be a spy, there is a place for you. Here are 7 of the most interesting camps:

summer camps
1. Wizards & Warriors
And this is what it sounds like. Kids make their very own foam weapons and armor while training for combat. They create their particular characters to play through the entire session and be involved in treasure hunts together. For just $4,300 a month, kids can learn to defend themselves against foam.

2. Circus Arts
For those who have an aspiring clown in your family, that's where they should spend their summer. At $1,230 a month, this site teaches acrobatics, juggling, unicycling, and small car compacting. Everything you could need to entertain with a birthday party or enroll in a traveling circus, you can learn here.

3. Hollywood Stunt
As part of an adventure summer camp, that's where you can learn how to land gently and tell you fire. The adrenaline junkie would enjoy this, but the cost is high in excess of $6,000 a month. In the event you grow up to look vaguely much like a celebrity, this could all come in handy.

4. Plantation Living
In order to pay $4,400 a month to live without electricity and Internet, come here. In order to fully understand what living on a plantation was like, kids can choose from over 50 activities which are mostly played outside during the day. Options include building a fort, playing capture the flag, and tie-dying t-shirts.

5. Spy Camp
Now, Spy Kids comes to life for just $415 per week. This takes place in the International Spy Museum in Washington D.C. and allows 10-13 year olds to invest their days cracking codes, going on missions throughout the museum, go to secret meetings.

6. Fully Involved
Women from 14 to twenty who strive to become firefighters are welcome here. They get to experience all kinds of fires, from vehicular to residential, and learn about the drills and how to contain fires. Many campers receive scholarships to allow them to learn the tricks of the trade.

7. Cricket
The U.S. Sports Institute sponsors multiple sessions for youngsters to learn the ins and outs with this popular game. From your elementary level upwards, students are playing cricket throughout the day, every day. At $120 a week, they say that you'll be playing on earth Cup at the week's end.

There are so many options now that it really is almost impossible to choose. Youngsters are lucky in that they can find something that fits any interest or pursuit. They are able to either have fun doing a myriad of outdoor activities or they could learn about the career aspirations they have. A summer camp is meant to be informative and educational while still allowing kids to possess a great time.


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